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Former Deputy Rick Brown Announces Campaign for County Treasurer


(Pendleton, Indiana) — Rick Brown publicly launched his campaign for Madison County treasurer today, asserting that his experience as deputy treasurer and political independence make him uniquely qualified to return to the office. Brown, a small business owner who was born and raised in Madison County, announced his campaign in a video highlighting his dedication to bold taxpayer-centric reforms and getting results despite partisan differences.

“We accomplished so much while I was in the office, but there is still more we can achieve,” said Brown. “I feel an obligation to the office and my community to offer my experience.”

In addition to overseeing all employees and learning every aspect of the office, while working as deputy treasurer Brown built a relationship with a third party vendor to ensure that property taxes could be payed online with no additional fee for the taxpayer. He spearheaded the redesign of the treasurer’s website to make it easier to navigate and use. Most importantly, he worked in spite of partisan divides to ensure the office was accountable to the taxpayer first and foremost.

His announcement video demonstrates that he would continue his spirit of nonpartisan cooperation as treasurer. Pledging to “rise above partisanship,” Brown told viewers, “Taxpayers should be the primary concern of the treasurer, not a political party or personal agenda.”

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